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‘breaking Bad’: Six Movies The Bryan Cranston Show Evoked

Just as there is an art to storytelling; there also needs to be a strategic and operational plan that can help you create and distribute content; integrate it across paid, earned, and owned media; and measure it effectively. As a marketer, brand manager, or small business owner you must move beyond the content marketing buzzword and commit to building a long-term content strategy that will allow you to execute your content marketing initiatives flawlessly and at scale. For these reasons, your business, whether large or small, must start taking content serious and begin to make the right organizational changes to adapt to the external marketplace. Its not going to change for you. This also means that you need to elevate the conversation beyond content marketing. How Many Movies Can You Actually Compare Content Marketing To? Image by Tim Norris via flickr Your brand must become a media company. All media companies are content machines. They have the correct structures in place, aligned teams, a robust editorial process, and they execute the distribution of their content flawlessly. Your brand must follow this model. Realizing that you still have rigorous business goals, you must challenge the status quo and think about content the way media companies do. So you may be asking yourself, why a media a company? Following are five characteristics of media companies you must adopt for your brand if you expect to make an impact, break through the noise, and reach consumers with game-changing content.

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“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Gilligan has said he sees his show as a Western, above all else, which only makes this comparison more resonant. The fact that both Breaking Bad” and “Butch Cassidy” are about two men on the run whose fate we somehow know wont turn out well cements the comparison. Fargo, or most things Coen-ish. A bleak Middle America populated by emasculated male characters who try to overcome their destiny with the help of some stylized violence? Not to mention tense moments interrupted by oddball humor? (Tableside guacamole. anyone?) The first episode of this season was titled Blood Money. It could have been called Blood Simple” and we’d barely have batted an eye. VIDEO: ‘Breaking Bad’ parodies The French Connection. Gilligan has cited this movie before, saying he was thinking about it as he made the pilot. The Gene Hackman film about a pair of cops caught up in an intricate plot makes the comparison meaningful; the fact that it all happens in the world of drug-trafficking only heightens the similarities. Then theres the look of the ’70s classic, which Gilligan has said he was consciously trying to emulate. Falling Down. Middle-aged suburban ennui turns to something violent but oddly liberating. American Beauty isnt far behind either, if youre going down this road. Back to the Future. A stretch to compare a good-natured, sci fi-influenced piece of ’50s nostalgia to one of the darkest shows in TV history? Perhaps.

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