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Is London Big Enough For A Second Startup Hub?

Shoreditch [in the east] has become very, very expensive. Hills solution to rising real estate prices would be familiar to generations of big city dreamers with limited resources move further out to the neighborhood no one else wants yet. Hills co-founder James King also runs the incubator Find Invest Grow (aka FIG), so Hill took his company to their newly minted office space across town. Around September last year a piece of land became available behind Westfield [shopping center in West London]. There was a bunch of warehouses back here, and so we took over the whole warehouse and turned it into our own West London incubator that houses a whole host of different businesses. Having our own four walls was good, he explains. The Advantages Of Heading West This location in FIG Village has other advantages besides a simple set of walls. A lot of the companies we work with are actually out West. If you look at where Cisco, where Microsoft Microsoft , where the big B2B tech is, its actually out this side of town, as is Discovery Channel, Sky and the BBC, Hill says. Wazoku, which provides an internal idea generation and management platform for the BBC has clearly benefited from this proximity. But has being away from the East London tech action created other hassles for the fledgling company? Quite the opposite, claims Hill. A lot of clients, theyre struggling for meeting space in Central London. Theyre really happy to come to us.

First tiger cub born at London Zoo in 17 years

I know yall probably would say Ryan Kerrigan, whos been playing lights out as well, but London is the thing that really makes this defense and makes the team go. Hes a leader, hes been there before, hes going to be there again, and like you said, hes a Hall of Fame player. Fletcher over Kerrigan this year is a tough choice to defend, but I guess theres something to be said for a HOF reputation. Feel free to debate in the comments. The audio is here . Come for the Fletcher love, stay to hear Tapp joke about tackling his wife. TWEET OF THE NIGHT Didnt go the way I wanted tonight, but the experience is somethin Ill learn from and smile back on. Grateful Ive had such strong support. Connor Carrick (@connorcarrick) October 2, 2013 QUOTE OF THE NIGHT Jarvis Jenkins on coming back from suspensions with Rob Jackson: Weve got a lot of starting experience. Even though were not starting now, we can still come in with that mentality that we had last year of producing. I think were gonna get it going. PHOTO OF THE DAY First to win The Special Teams Player of the game belt Peoples Champ #httr #beardgang Niles Paul (@Niles_Paul84) October 2, 2013 Mikhail Grabovski hat trick, anyone? STAT OF THE NIGHT Mikhail Grabovski is the 1st player in Capitals history to score a hat trick in the teams season opener. @EliasSports ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) October 2, 2013 Nothing local. All TV/Radio listings here . WIN OF THE NIGHT D.C. United won the U.S.

Darryl Tapp says London Fletcher is Redskins’ best defensive player

Five-year-old Sumatran tiger Melati gave birth to the cub on September 22 after a six-minute labour. The pregnancy had lasted approximately 105 days. It was kept a secret by zookeepers who were nervous about the pregnancy and kept a close eye on the first-time mother via special cameras in a bid not to disturb her. The Sumatran tiger, a subspecies whose natural habitat is the jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia, is now classified as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. The current wild population is estimated at just 300, down from around 1,000 in the 1970s, and the remaining animals are threatened by poachers, habitat loss and human conflict. “We are simply over the moon about the birth of the tiger cub,” zookeeper Paul Kybett said. “It’s a momentous occasion for everyone at ZSL London Zoo and a real cause for celebration. “We were nervous about the pregnancy, as it was Melati’s first cub and we didn’t know how she’d react. When it came to her due date, we were all watching our monitors with bated breath. “The actual birth happened very quickly and Melati’s maternal instincts kicked in immediately as she started licking the cub all over and it soon began wriggling around — we couldn???t have asked for a smoother birth!” The newborn tiger is a direct descendant of the zoo’s last cub, Hari, who is the father of the mother Melati. The cub, whose sex has yet to be determined, will stay out of the public eye “for a few more weeks” in a special cubbing den before visitors are allowed to see it.

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