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Movies To Fill The Time During The Government Shutdown

Michelle Rodriguez talks movies, female empowerment, and sex: ‘I don’t talk about what I do with my vagina’

So you may be asking yourself, why a media a company? Following are five characteristics of media companies you must adopt for your brand if you expect to make an impact, break through the noise, and reach consumers with game-changing content. Storytelling Media companies tell stories. Conde Nast has a diverse narrative told through their media properties from fashion and travel to sports and weddings. Traditional news organizations also tell stories, although their narrative is current and/or breaking news. Some news outlets have tried to up-level their narrative by using anecdotes like Fair & Balanced to differentiate themselves from their competition. Content Media companies are content machines with an always on mentality. It doesnt matter what time a day it is or what the hour, media companies distribute content all the time. For example, the New York Times publishes 1,500+ articles per day (including those from AP, Reuters, and so on) and 200 to 400 blog posts. Relevance Media companies provide relevant content all the time to someone, somewhere. They arent in the business of providing content thats a few days or weeks old, unless they are holding off on a story to get more detailed information. The content is recent and, in many cases, real-time. Ubiquity Media companies are everywhere. They dominate the search engine results and their content is shared daily across social media channels.

Warning: Some scenes, including the theft of the Declaration from its institutional home,may be too intense for furloughed archivists. 7. Night at the Museum (2006) Most federal museum workers will be sent home. These empty museums are bad news if youre employed in one. Somewhat better news if youre on display in one, as we learned from this comedy adventure hit starring Ben Stiller as a night security guard at the Museum of Natural History. 8. Outbreak (1995) If you credit some of the more alarmist predictions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be severely limited in investigating disease outbreaks in a government shutdown. Heaven forbid an outbreak of Ebola-like virus dramatized in this Dustin Hoffman-Rene Russo movie. 9. North by Northwest (1959) Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint wouldnt be allowed anywhere near Lincolns Nose on Mount Rushmore with the Park Service folks twiddling their thumbs at home in a shutdown. 10.

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So are chicks. She shrugs. She doesnt hold back, says James Cameron, who directed Rodriguez inAvatar. Theres no filter. Shes a lot of fun to hang out with because you always know what shes thinking. She was bornin Texas to a Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican father. When she was small, the family moved to the Dominican Republic, where Rodriguez spoke Spanish for three years. Then her mother whom she calls the strongest woman shes ever known had a nervous breakdown and the family moved to Jersey City, where the actress was raised largely by her grandmother. Her new melting-pot neighborhood had an impact. Thats where I learned to curse, Rodriguez jokes. She was brought up as a Jehovahs Witness, and sharpened her wit on the street: Thats what I used to survive, because they were like, All right, shes a funny bitch lets protect her. And then Id protect all the weaker kids who helped me with my homework. She liked to make up stories for her stepsister and dreamed about being a writer, but she dropped out of high school before graduating. Fing public schools suck a, dude, she says. But its all good.

Cantonese movies to be screened at National Museum of Singapore

Come October 10, 15 iconic Cantonese movies from the 1950s and 1960s will be screened at the National Museum of Singapore. PHOTOS Hong Kong actor Patrick Tse in the 1966 Cantonese film “The Dreadnaught”. During the 1950s and 1960s, Tse was one of the most popular leading men in Cantonese film in Hong Kong. (Photo: Family of Ho Kian-ngiap, third son of Ho Khee-yong) Caption SINGAPORE: Come October 10, 15 iconic Cantonese movies from the 1950s and 1960s will be screened at the National Museum of Singapore. Featuring Hong Kong movie stars of yesteryear such as Patrick Tse Yin and Patsy Kar Ling, it is an 11-day showcase of movies made by Kong Ngee Film Company, which was started by two brothers from Singapore. “Singaporean brothers, Ho Khee-yong and Ho Khee-siang’s pioneering spirit and successful venture into motion picture production placed Singapore on the world map,” said director of the National Museum of Singapore, Angelita Teo. In a statement, the National Museum said, “Kong Ngee Company Limited had its humble beginnings in film distribution in Southeast Asia.” “The company went on to own cinema halls across the region, and in 1955, the Ho brothers made their first foray into filmmaking, under the Kong Ngee Film Company.” it added. Among the 15 films that will be shown in the retrospective are some that were shot in this region, such as “Moon Over Malaya”, which may offer a glimpse of scenes from the past. The movies, with English subtitles, will be screened at the Gallery Theatre at the National Museum of Singapore from October 10-20. Admission is by tickets, and more information can be found at the SISTIC website. – CNA/fa

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