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Napoli Fans Blamed For London Restaurant Attack


27, also at Wembley, sold out just as quickly.) But what does this land of the “fast-bowled googly” (cricket), “ruck” (rugby) and the “rolling off” (netball) not to mention soccer, the nation’s most celebrated sport make of “automatic first downs,” “personal fouls,” and the “line of scrimmage”? “American football is at a pretty exciting stage in the United Kingdom,” says Richard Fuller, a British Conservative Party politician who has set up a cross-party group in parliament to study the prospect of wider adoption of America’s most popular sport here, and how best to support its growth. “There are a lot of forces coming together to take it to the next level,” he says. Fuller, a football devotee from the age of 19 after he traveled around the USA on a greyhound bus, says the recent granting of BUCS status roughly equivalent to the NCAA to football-playing British colleges is not only a development that is key to unearthing home-grown talent, but an indication of how far things have progressed. “Whatever cultural barriers initially existed in Britain were overcome in the late 1980s, when American football was broadcast here on TV for the first time,” he says. “There’s a strong foundation of support now.” Indeed, in the broadest possible terms those who say they like the sport Britain has come a long way. More than 11 million people out of a total population of 63 million in the United Kingdom, or 17%, now say they are NFL fans, according to NFL research. That compares to about two-thirds of people in the USA who self-identify as football fans. In China, by way of contrast, which has a population of 1.4 billion, there are about 3 million fans of the sport, or 0.2% of the population, according to managing director of NFL China Richard Young, who revealed the statistics in an interview with Ad Age in January. On yet another measure, the NFL’s main Facebook page has 8 million “likes”; NFL China’s Facebook page has a mere 199 “likes”; and the league does not maintain a separate Facebook page for the U.K. As an export concept, Fuller says, football is not without headwinds.

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The ground floor underlines the colonial theme with dark-wood furnishings and floor. The basement is more like a nightclub, a bit Frankie Goes to Bollywood. The wine list is original and eclectic. If you are on a budget, the 2011 Le Prieure, Chateau Ksara, Bekaa Valley (Lebanon) works with the spicier dishes. If you are looking for a treat, a carafe of 2010 Gevrey-Chambertin, Henri de Villamont costs 45 pounds. And if you are making a night of it, there are inventive cocktails, such as the quinine sour. Gymkhana isnt without its faults. Im hoping it will settle in and become clubbier. But it is fun and the food is exceptional. Im giving it the maximum four stars. The Bloomberg Questions Cost? About 30-40 pounds for food at dinner. Sound level? Quiet upstairs (65-70 decibels) and livelier downstairs, where the party is at night.

London’s Hot Indian Restaurant Serves Up Cool Cocktails

A statement issued by London’s Metropolitan Police said the incident, which saw one man assaulted and the window of the Piebury Corner restaurant smashed, started when around 30 Napoli supporters became involved in a verbal exchange with Arsenal fans on their way to the Emirates where the home side won 2-0. However, the manager of the restaurant insisted Arsenal fans had played no part at all in the build-up. The police statement added: “The Napoli fans then turned violent, smashing a window and throwing a number of chairs before moving on.” Arsenal supporters had to duck for cover and a 48-year-old man was taken to hospital with lacerations to his head, after witnesses reported that a group of Italian men had been swinging belts and throwing tables and chairs through the restaurant. Wednesday saw Piebury Corner manager Paul Campbell and his staff continuing to clean up the damage. While English football fans remain notorious in Europe for hooliganism, largely as a result of incidents from the 1970s through to the early 2000s, Campbell absolved Arsenal supporters of any blame for Tuesday’s incident. “I’ve looked back at the (CCTV) footage and it is very clear – it was a completely unprovoked attack,” Campbell, originally from Ayrshire in Scotland, said. “I was at the restaurant last (Tuesday) night and saw it happen, and I was shocked by it. But, having looked back at the footage, it looks even worse. “The Arsenal fans were backing away from the trouble, they were trying to get out of the way.” Campbell, who added several Napoli supporters had visited Piebury Corner without incident earlier in the day, said there was no sign of any Arsenal fans looking for trouble and took issue with an aspect of the police’s version of events. “They (Arsenal supporters) did not retaliate at all. There was no verbal exchange — they were just attacked.” Police said there had as yet been no arrests in connection with the incident.


Gentrification, its a problem for startups too. The startup scene in East London is clearly reaching boiling point with a steady stream of events, accelerator and funding news coming out of the area dubbed Silicon Roundabout. Thats great news for the city and for the startups resident in the area , but its more problematic for entrepreneurs with big dreams but tiny pocketbooks. To be honest with you, it was partly borne out of the excitement of doing something different and pushing West London, says Simon Hill, co-founder and managing director of idea management startup Wazoku, of his companys decision to locate on the other side of town from most of the well publicized action, but he continues, it was massively borne out of the fact that its a lot cheaper over this side of London still. Shoreditch [in the east] has become very, very expensive. Hills solution to rising real estate prices would be familiar to generations of big city dreamers with limited resources move further out to the neighborhood no one else wants yet. Hills co-founder James King also runs the incubator Find Invest Grow (aka FIG), so Hill took his company to their newly minted office space across town. Around September last year a piece of land became available behind Westfield [shopping center in West London]. There was a bunch of warehouses back here, and so we took over the whole warehouse and turned it into our own West London incubator that houses a whole host of different businesses. Having our own four walls was good, he explains. The Advantages Of Heading West This location in FIG Village has other advantages besides a simple set of walls. A lot of the companies we work with are actually out West. If you look at where Cisco, where Microsoft Microsoft , where the big B2B tech is, its actually out this side of town, as is Discovery Channel, Sky and the BBC, Hill says.

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