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Russia 2018: ‘we Have Nothing To Hide’ In World Cup Bid Investigation

Syria policy boosted Russia and left the “friendly” rebels in the dust? play Army veteran on trial for $100 million scam Army veteran on trial for $100 million scam The White House may never have had any good options in Syria , but the decision to essentially leave the civil war to simmer for two-and-a-half years has left the allies Washington could have had in the warzone bitterly disappointed, and Russia looking like the power to contend with in Middle East politics. A panel discussion Wednesday on “CBS This Morning” between CBS News correspondents Clarissa Ward and Elizabeth Palmer, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, also highlighted one other unfortunate truth; none of the fervent and much-touted international diplomacy in the works at present will likely end the wanton killing. Ward, who won an Emmy on Tuesday for her coverage of the Syria war, says the U.S. government has given mixed signals to the moderate opposition movement. The White House waited until June of this year to announce it would start arming the Free Syrian Army rebels . But Ward says that flow of arms hasn’t begun, and the rebels who begged for the help for two years are now “highly skeptical” of their purported allies in the West. Russia, on the other hand, has been remarkably consistent in its approach to the Syrian conflict. President Bashar Assad counts the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin as his most valuable ally. Russia has defended the Assad regime at every turn from the threat of harsh punitive sanctions. It was Russia that ensured the new U.N.

Insight: As Ukraine looks west to Europe, Russia’s shadow looms

Garcia has always insisted he is completely independent from FIFA and would not hesitate to take action against president Sepp Blatter or other top FIFA officials if he found evidence that they broke the rules. Qatar 2022: Too hot for football? Winter World Cup in 2022? Are Qatar 2022 migrant workers abused? Qatar ‘slave state’ for World Cup workers The head of media for Russia 2018 says the committee will co-operate fully with Garcia’s fact-finding investigation. “We can confirm the local organizing committee (LOC) will fully support Mr Garcia’s work if he contacts us,” read a statement issued to CNN. “The Russia 2018 committee ran a bid campaign in full compliance with FIFA rules and ethics, and we were awarded the right to host the FIFA World Cup because of the unique and compelling proposition we put together. “The LOC continues to conduct itself with exactly the same degree of transparency, commitment to excellence and spirit of fair play.” Blog: Can the Qatar World Cup be moved? How and where Garcia’s potential meeting with Russia takes place is open to question given in April he was one of 18 people barred from entering the country over what Moscow said were human rights abuses, linked to the lawyer’s arrest and charging of Viktor Bout, a Russian, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence in the U.S. for arms trafficking. News of Garcia’s investigation came ahead of FIFA’s executive committee in Zurich on Thursday and Friday where it will discuss the possibility of moving the 2022 tournament from the usual June and July slot to December. “I will conduct interviews in various places and I hope that those who have some information, even if they are not obliged to give me some, will agree to talk to me,” Garcia told France Football magazine.

Moscow has also homed in on defense or trade vulnerabilities in Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan, although the first two remain likely to move ahead with closer EU ties at a special summit in Vilnius in late November. Belarus, despite friction with Moscow, remains firmly in Russia’s camp for now. The big question is Ukraine, economically and politically the most important of the partnership countries. Despite pressure on trade, including key gas supplies from Russia, which sees Ukraine as culturally its own, Kiev is determined to look West and seal closer links to Europe next month. That’s not what Moscow wants to hear, or will accept. “What we have seen during the past few weeks is brutal Russian pressure against the partnership countries of a sort that we haven’t seen in Europe for a very long time,” said Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt last month, describing Moscow’s actions as “economic warfare”. Russia has said it is merely protecting its interests. “Russia is in no way trying to infringe on anyone’s sovereign right to make decisions about their international activity,” President Vladimir Putin said in September. Nearly all the partnership countries do the vast majority of their trade with Russia and rely on it for gas. Moscow is concerned about a flood of European goods entering the country if Kiev signs a free trade agreement with the EU. Trade is particularly sensitive: Russia was Ukraine’s biggest trading partner but not any longer. Now it is the EU, with 27 percent of Ukraine’s exports and 34 percent of its imports, and the volume growing by double digits annually.

Russia seeks to fill vacuum in the Middle East

Theres no Great Game to be won, Obama said, referring to an earlier period of big-power rivalry in which the British Empire and Russias czars vied for influence across Central Asia. Whether Russia is equally determined not to compete with the United States in the strategically vital region is in question, however, Arab analysts say. Saudi Arabia, the regions strongest Arab power and Washingtons staunchest Arab ally, is deeply suspicious of Russias maneuvering and is convinced that Moscow is engaged in an effort to outwit the United States at Riyadhs expense, said Mustafa Alani of the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center. The overtures between the United States and Iran , a close Moscow ally, further reinforce anxieties in Riyadh and other Persian Gulf capitals that Russia is seeking to eclipse the U.S. role in the region, Alani said. The view is that Russia is looking at the whole problem in the Middle East from the old position of the Cold War, he said. Wherever America is, they have to spoil the game. They dont have any principles. Their only policy is to counter the Americans. That is not the case, said Fyodor Lukyanov, chairman of the Moscow-based Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. Rather, Lukyanov said in an e-mail, it is Saudi Arabia and its gulf allies that are trying to play great games themselves . .

Olympics Won’t Be Held Hostage to Terror Threats, Russia Says

The turbines will be manufactured at GE Power & Waters plant in Greenville, S.C., and the compressors will be manufactured at GE Oil & Gas facility in Florence, Italy. Two complete turbo-compressor systems also will be tested at GE Oil & Gas facility in Massa, Italy. Meanwhile, GE Power Conversion facilities in France will supply the variable speed drives. In addition to equipment supplies the contract also covers installation supervision and GE experts support at commissioning stage. In addition to equipment supplies, GE Oil & Gas also will provide installation supervision and GEs expert support at the commissioning stage. GE is expected to deliver its equipment to Russia in the second half of 2015. According to the project plans, the first natural gas liquefaction train is to reach its full capacity in 2017, followed by the second and third trains in 2018 and 2019, respectively. GE is supporting some of the worlds largest LNG projects, and the Yamal LNG megaproject is an exciting example of how our deep expertise in integrated LNG technology and life cycle services is helping the Russian/CIS region secure its energy future, said Rafael Santana, CEO and presidentturbomachinery for GE Oil & Gas. The Yamal LNG project, which is located in one of the harshest climates in the world, will serve as an important showcase for how collaboration and advanced technologies are solving some of the worlds most complex energy challenges in remote and extreme conditions. GE is a leading technology supplier for Russias oil and gas sector. More than 400 gas turbines, 65 steam turbines, 700 compressors and more than 600 units of other equipmentincluding air coolers, condensers, gas separators and pumpsproduced by GE Oil & Gas and GE Power & Water have been installed in Russia and in the CIS region. GEs 7E gas turbine is a durable and dependable work horse. Since its introduction more than 40 years ago, the 7E gas turbine has demonstrated durability and highly reliable starting capability in nearly 1,200 operating units with more than 29 million hours of service across a wide range of applications. Operating with GEs Dry Low NOx combustion technology, the 7E gas turbine can achieve industry-leading emissions, enabling users to meet todays increasingly stringent air quality standards. GE Power Conversion offers a complete electrical portfolioincluding advanced motor, drive and control technologiesto support the electrification of the LNG, subsea, transportation and storage segments of the global oil and gas industry. About GE GE ( GE ) works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges.

GE to Provide Close to $600 Million in Turbomachinery Equipment for Russia’s Yamal LNG Megaproject

The security measures are aimed not only at making the Games safe but also ensuring a comfortable environment, said Alexei Lavrishchev, a spokesman for the FSB, as the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB is known in Russian. The city wont become a concentration camp, Lavrishchev told reporters in Moscow today. Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov, who has claimed responsibility for three of Russias deadliest terror attacks, released a video in July calling on Islamic militants to target the February Games. He urged insurgents to do your utmost to derail these satanic dances on the bones of our ancestors. Umarov claimed responsibility for organizing the January 2011 suicide bombing at Moscows Domodedovo Airport that killed 37 people. The self-styled emir of a pan-North Caucasus Islamic state also said he planned the attacks on the capitals subway system by female suicide bombers in March 2010 that killed 40 people and the November 2009 bombing of the Nevsky Express train between Moscow and St. Petersburg that killed 28. President Vladimir Putin stepped up security in the North Caucasus region near the Black Sea after two ethnic Chechen brothers became suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing in April. Russia is collaborating with the law-enforcement agencies of more than 80 countries to identify possible threats to the Games, and some of these states will send intelligence agents to Sochi during the event, Lavrishchev said. Syrian Threat Putin this year accepted a proposal by U.S. President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, whose country hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics, to have their respective special services cooperate on security in Sochi. Russia is working to neutralize the risk of Russian militants returning from the conflict in Syria to target the Olympics, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview in June. Putin that month said at least 600 militants from Russia and European countries are fighting against President Bashar al-Assads forces in Syria.

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